Vignesh Sundaresan

Vignesh Sundaresan

A entrepreneur, coder and angel investor in
blockchain technology.

As a Y-Combinator alumnus (2014 Summmer), Vignesh co-founded BitAcces and in six months, he set up 100 Bitcoin ATMs in 18 countries. He founded and conducted a successful token sale for the Lendroid Foundation, a credit engine that powers financial services on the blockchain. He also founded Portkey Technologies Pte Ltd, a software technology provider. Among the first to recognise, he funded some truly unique projects in crypto, including Ethereum, Polkadot, Dfinity, Flow and Decentraland.

Having dabbled in stocks and conventional financial instruments as a teenager, Vignesh fell in love with the uncensorable, open world of blockchain in 2013 as a student of Carleton University, Canada. He founded my first crypto startup Coins-e in 2013 and sold it to Casa Crypto in May 2014. In 2014, he built a prototype for Canada’s first BTM (Bitcoin Teller Machine) and set it up first in Ottawa, Canada. This grew into BitAccess, a Y-Combinator funded enterprise. The Lendroid Foundation represents a long-time dream to enable credit as it should be – global and unopinionated. Portkey Technologies is meant to provide a range of software services across conventional and decentralised systems.

As an Entrepreneur

Vignesh has always had an entrepreneurial streak. He was an avid App developer who built micro startups even as a student. This propensity blossomed on the blockchain. That’s not all. His successes as an entrepreneur in the blockchain space have also fed some innovative ideas for off-line foundations as well.

  • Made ‘BTM’ a part of everyday parlance with Bitaccess
  • Decentralised lending to power financial services, with Lendroid
  • A nucleus for financial technology software, with Portkey Technologies

As an investor

In crypto, you put your money where your mouth is. In more measured words – what you spend on defines who you are. Vignesh has been an early investor in what have turned out to be some of the most successful blockchain enterprises today. The secret, he says, is to not invest expecting it to boom, but to invest because you simply love the idea.

  • Early investor in Ethereum. He was in the same room with the co-founder
  • Decentraland, for its uncensorable, irrevocable ownership
  • Tezos, for the most robust model yet for PoS tokens