Vignesh Sundaresan

Vignesh Sundaresan, aka Metakovan, is a blockchain technologist. He is invested in exploring the extended and 'alternative’ possibilities of this emerging technology. The rhizomatic decentralised network, conceptually and operationally shapes his approach.

His endeavour is in seeking art and related world building experiences in the digital sphere. In attempting to understand art's social function and various ways of artistic dissemination, he has ventured into identifying new channels for perceiving knowledge assemblages embedded in artistic and research based processes.

Metakovan as a collector and as one who commissions artistic productions, is interested in new media practices and primarily in imagining digital immersive experiences. His artistic cultural collaborations are efforts to shape linkages between expanded notions of art production and technology. Here he conceives NFTs as time and knowledge stamps, to register crucial socio-cultural happenings, as documents.

In practice he recognizes NFTs as a digital responsibility, to sustain its persistence, to imagine its accessibility and in also finding new ways of activation. He has adopted blockchain technology, over other centralised storage or provenance providers, to shape persistence through self-hosted, peer to peer networks. With growing technological access and data generation, he sees NFTs as ethical chronicles, operating as critical data markers.