Vignesh Sundaresan

A entrepreneur, coder and angel investor in blockchain technology.

Having dabbled in stocks and conventional financial instruments, Vignesh fell in love with the uncensorable, open world of blockchain in 2013 as a student of Carleton University, Canada. He  began by offering escrow services, which then became an exchange called Coins-e. In the 2013 bull run, it experienced exponential growth, clocking 14,000 users in six months. Vignesh sold Coins-e in May 2014  to Casa Crypto , a process overseen by the Labarge Weinstein firm. In 2014, he built a prototype for Canada’s first BTM (Bitcoin Teller Machine) and set it up first in Ottawa, Canada. This grew into BitAccess, a Y-Combinator funded enterprise. The Lendroid Foundation represents a long-time dream to enable credit as it should be – global and unopinionated. Portkey Technologies is meant to provide a range of software services across conventional and decentralised systems.

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