Getting Excited About Bitcoin & Crypto in General

Getting excited about bitcoin & crypto, in general, can be a very tricky business. You see cryptocurrencies with Bitcoin as a leading one, are a form of investment. Sure it might seem like a very risky form of investment, but for those who know what they are doing, Bitcoin and other leading altcoins can make them a fortune and they already have.

The tricky part and the main reason why most average Joes and even Janes end up losing their money lies in the fact that most laymen invest at a bad time. Since the cryptocurrency world highly fluctuates, timing plays an ultra-important role.

The moment when the general public normally hears about the crypto is typically too late for investing. You see, the hype that leads to people getting excited about Bitcoin & crypto in general is usually a consequence of some ultra-positive performance that already occurred. This means that Bitcoin or any altcoin already made a huge gain. Investing at that moment is probably not a great idea.

This is what happened back in 2017. Most of the general public that decided to jump in on “the crypto opportunity” invested their money after bitcoin already made 300% gain. As such, most of those people ended up losing their money. However, if they kept their investment in place, known as HODL, then they are likely to make a profit in the long run.

Those of you who want to make more money, I’d suggest getting excited before the hype. For instance, now would be a great time to invest in Bitcoin and some main altcoins.

Now there is no hype about the crypto and the prices are reasonably low. There is always a possibility for the prices to drop further down, however, if you plan on ever investing in crypto, it is way smarter to buy it now, that to wait on the next media and general public boom when the prices will be much higher than they currently are.

I can’t stress this enough, that the following suggestion is completely based on my personal opinion, my own research, and my own knowledge on the subject.

I suggest anyone, who has some EXTRA money ready for investments to take a part of it and put in the cryptocurrency right now. Use 60% of that part to buy Bitcoin, use 20% to buy Litecoin, and 20% to buy Ripple. Once you hear that the media is talking about how everyone is buying bitcoin, sell all of it. Wait for a huge drop, and repeat. You can ride this train until the cryptocurrencies become regulated, which might happen in the next 2 years or in the next 10 years. No one knows. Do this and THANK ME LATER.

Note: Invest only money that you are prepared to lose in crypto. Potential gains are huge, which also raises the level of risk, as these two always go hand in hand.

I hope my words and advice find you well and bring you a fortune. And if not, well the ride itself is always fun and full of thrills.

What is Utopia?

The term ‘Utopia’ has been used over the course of history in many different ways. Yet, the most common meaning of the word utopia that has really stuck, refers to a community, a land, a country or even a world if you want, where everything is in the best possible condition and the best possible, nearly perfect qualities are provided to all citizens. This includes the equality of economics, government, justice and all other aspects and areas of the social community are set in place.

Since no such community has been recorded in the real world, the term utopia is often used for something that is surreal and will never happen in the real world. However, the world is getting smaller and smaller. We are more connected than ever before and a lot of positive changes have already been made to make the world a better place. Units larger than countries are formed, and who knows, maybe one day we will get to the point that the whole world will be united and real Utopia will be established. This is definitely something we should all aim for.

However, the reality is that there are still many people who would do whatever it takes to gain power and money, and the last thing they want is for Utopia to become a reality.

You might be asking yourself why are we talking about Utopia, right? Well, blockchain technology has the potential of making Utopia a reality a lot sooner then many would like.

Utopia and Blockchain Technology

If there is anything true in this world, then the fact that people become a lot faster corrupted when there is money at stake is at the very top.

Oriel Feldman Hall of Cambridge University presented a study that was performed back in 2011. It showed that a shocking 96% of people are willing to inflict physical pain to a complete stranger in order to make 1 pound. Yes, our relationship with money is a serious problem.

But now there is a solution on the horizon. It is actually already up and shinning. A cryptocurrency (Bitcoin to be exact) was the first use case of blockchain technology and since 2008 the technology evolved a lot. It has almost endless use case possibilities and they all provide basically a bulletproof vest if the bullet is corruption.

Governments and Their True Intentions

I wouldn’t want to be stepping on wrong people’s toes but I dare to say that governments and officials are the ones responsible for the most corruption in the whole world.

Sure, there are criminals, real hardcore criminals, but they are not pretending to be good guys and that they are doing things in people’s best interests as such they are a much smaller problem.

If you have been wondering why there is so many conflicts between the blockchain technology and the governments all across the globe, now you know why. Many don’t want things to be fully traceable and 100% transparent.

Utopia in Nevada

I would like to leave you off with this positive initiative by a man called Jeffrey Berns, who is actually planning to build Utopia in Nevada. He invested over 300 million dollars of his own money into it. This sort of project can give hope to the entire world.

We must believe that Utopia is possible and take all the steps necessary towards achieving it. There are always multiple sides to every story, but facts are always facts, and blockchain technology can provide hardcore, traceable facts in any sphere we apply it to. It can also provide us with the systems that not only enable full traceability but also automatically prevent any shady business.