Sneak Peek

We’re reinventing ourselves. Stay tuned.

(Re) – Introducing Lendroid

A new logo, a new aesthetic. We’re now more comfortable in our own skin. Vignesh Sundaresan, Project Lead, presents the Lendroid brand.

Vii at ETH India

Vii Sundaram, Lendroid’s Smart Contract Engineer, powers through the first-of-it’s-kind dApp Reloanr – a secondary market for Dai. He also takes us along Lendroid’s ambitious roadmap.

Why did Lendroid move to Vyper?

In Conversations with Lendroid, join us as we discuss developments in the protocol, in the larger ecosystem, and take apart Reloanr, a proof of concept dApp on Lendroid.

Vignesh on governance

We’ve got much respect for it, but with some incredible projects working on it as their primary goal, we’re willing to wait and watch.